Administrative Practice and Government Affairs

Are you concerned about government regulations, licenses, or permits? Are you seeking to land a crucial government contract for your business? We can help.

Administrative Practice

Weiss, Handler & Cornwell P.A. prides itself on providing the most effective representation for its clients. Our administrative practice team fully understands the complexities of government and has the experience to develop a particularized strategy to achieve each client’s goals and objectives. Administrative law covers a wide range of issues, including:
  • A business needing a permit to discharge pollutants or a 3rd party attempting to prevent the acquisition of that permit.  
  • If an individual works in a profession licensed by the state, and an agency wants to suspend or take away that license.
  • Seeking a government contract, challenging an improperly acquired contract, or defending your government contract against a challenger.
Administrative law is incredibly unique.  Representing a client before a government agency or board is not like representing a client at a trial.  There is no judge or jury, only officials appointed or hired to serve the public interest. Each government entity has its own personality, rules, regulations, procedures and responsibilities.  We know how to navigate through the administrative process and possess both the knowledge and experience to ensure your interests are protected. Administrative decisions can be appealed to the court system.  If an administrative proceeding has not gone your way, we are prepared to aggressively pursue a reversal of that decision. While we are more than capable of serving your business in a wide variety of administrative procedures, the following areas represent some of our most frequent activity.

Working with Government Entities for Approvals

Our clients have goals they want to reach.  If they want to expand an existing building, develop property or need a government license or permit to reach the goal of growing their business or profession, we can help.

Licenses and permits

If a business needs to discharge pollutants or waste material, these procedures may require approval by various government bodies.  Taking short cuts and disposing of toxic materials illegally could save money in the short-term, but ultimately, such behavior can lead to long-term legal action, heavy fines and bad publicity. Our job is to do the research and provide you with a step-by-step plan for legally acquiring the necessary government approval without making unnecessary expenditures. Going through the proper channels and obtaining the necessary permits will keep you in business and out of trouble. Each state regulates a wide range of professions, from architects to attorneys, barbers to electrical contractors, and cosmetologists to veterinarians.  If your livelihood depends on acquiring or maintaining your state license, we have the experience to facilitate your needs. Our veteran team will make sure your rights are fully protected.

Government Affairs

Blockbuster law suits often lead the headlines, but from a legal standpoint, it’s the day-to-day interactions between citizens, businesses and government that have a far greater impact on the community.  We represent a wide range of organizations who work with local, state and federal government.  We can help your organization obtain a needed contract, challenge a contract given improperly to another business or defend your organization against such a challenge, and assist with lobbying efforts.  Whether you’re dealing with lobbying, land use, government representation, or regulation, our Florida government affairs attorneys can help your business.

Selling goods and services to the government, whether federal, state or local, presents opportunities, challenges and risks. We represent clients dealing with a full spectrum of issues arising from working with the government. We advise a broad range of clients, from privately held businesses to publicly-traded corporations and non-profits. Our experience covers all aspects of complex and the heavily-regulated government contract process, from bidding on public contracts, regulatory compliance, challenging agencies that improperly deny contracts to our clients, defending clients’ contracts from such challenges and handling terminations. Whether your organization is seeking its first government contract or grant, or has a long history of working with government, we provide guidance and support to help clients comply with the terms of their contracts and reach their goals for success.

The strength of our government contract practice is bolstered by our outstanding government relations and corporate law practices. These departments are available to partner together in order to address the most complex issues. If a dispute arises with a government agency or another contractor, our highly skilled litigators have years of success to draw from, with administrative agencies, trial courts and appellate courts, in order to resolve issues quickly and effectively. We help clients in bid protests, performance disputes, post-performance audits, law-enforcement investigations, fraud allegations and false claims.

We serve every client with a total team approach that capitalizes on our many years of governmental affairs and land use experience. Government promotes the public good.  We communicate how our clients’ interests promote the public good, and we work with the federal government, local government and everything in between to make things happen and get hard results. When representing a government entity, we fully understand that we are tasked with serving the public. Our team is experienced in zealously, effectively and efficiently representing these interests. Those developing real estate may encounter regulations and require approvals at all levels of government. We help our clients plan ahead and comply with regulations so they can complete the projects they work so hard to create.


If your company or industry is impacted by laws, regulations and government policies, you can either be proactive in shaping these regulations, or you can sit back and hope for the best. Businesses need a thoughtful, effective and proven team to reach and inform policymakers regarding the consequences of their actions. The government’s regulation of business is growing every day.  A simple understanding of government and its supposed reach isn’t enough any longer. Businesses need to be able to quickly and effectively communicate with the right decision-makers in order to create positive outcomes.

We deliver personal service and creative solutions to the challenges presented by government, including legislative and regulatory bodies at all levels. We can communicate to the right people to make sure your voice is heard and your interests are taken into account whenever decisions are made. Our knowledge of the complex technical and procedural aspects of the legislative, regulatory and administrative branches allow us to effectively and efficiently draft legislation, regulation and policies and shepherd it through the process for final passage and approval.
Effective government relations start with a plan and strategy.  We can help you develop those goals and come up with effective strategies to support your agenda. We can arrange meetings with the right elected officials and policy makers and help you come up with public relations and media campaigns that will help you gain support.

Whether by legislative initiative, working with regulatory agencies or simply communicating effectively with decision makers, you can rely on our focus on your issues to develop and implement the proper strategy and give you the best chance at reaching your goals.

Government representation

If you work for a government entity that needs outside counsel, we can help.  Whether you lack in-house counsel and need the services of a private attorney or have a conflict of interest with your current attorney on a current project, we understand the unique challenges, constraints and operations of governmental entities.  Government clients choose us because of our excellent trial and appellate record, combined with decades of experience, cost-effective strategies and personal attention to every case. Every town, municipality or agency, regardless of size, can benefit from outside legal counsel. Having experienced outside counsel can help a government entity plan well, avoid costly mistakes and prevent liabilities. We can help you understand the legal issues involved in a given situation by providing independent, unbiased legal advice from an outside perspective, allowing you to make wise choices that can help you manage risk and take advantage of key opportunities. We have extensive experience representing local governments. We know how quickly matters between the government and the community can become contentious, and we strive to resolve all issues efficiently and effectively.  Government bodies, with their limited resources and competing interests, need to get the most from their outside counsel. We pride ourselves on the work we do for the public and the value we provide.

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