Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions, Development and Zoning

Real estate development is a huge part of Florida’s economy. Our experienced florida real estate attorneys help those who make a living in every aspect of development. We’re proud of the role we play in helping this market flow smoothly and cleanly, helping businesses and individuals alike protect their interests and allowing them to safely invest, build, and create.

1. Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate projects can be highly profitable but are laden with potential pitfalls that must be avoided and legal concerns that must be addressed at all stages of the development. We offer a comprehensive list of services to our commercial real estate clients.

Owning, investing in, or renting a commercial property can be a time consuming affair. Our experienced attorneys can reduce the amount of time and money spent in the purchase, sale or lease of a property, allowing you to focus on running your business. We can help you with:

  • Purchases or sales : Full support throughout the transaction, including due diligence, title and survey review, negotiations of contacts, engineering and environmental studies, building inspections and the review of existing leases and service contracts that may impact the property.
  • Construction and development contracts : We work with developers to have projects built to your specifications and deal with administrative duties, including legal oversight of construction to enforce contractors' compliance with the terms of their contracts.
  • Retail and commercial leasing : We can negotiate and draft leases for both tenants and landlords.
  • Title and survey reviews : We will review title and surveys, with the help of trusted engineers, surveyors, forensic CPAs and building inspectors.
  • Zoning and easements : We represent clients seeking rezoning orders, reciprocal easement agreements, as well as cross and utility easements.
If you’re involved in commercial real estate, we can help you along every step of the process.

2.  Residential Transactions

The purchase or sale of a home is still one of the most important decisions one can make. Fraud was rampant during the real estate bubble and its ripples are still being felt. Foreclosures and short sales are the new normal and liens and abandoned properties are not uncommon. Having a real estate attorney is just as important as having a real estate agent. We provide our clients with prompt, professional service that can result in savings of both time and money.  We answer questions and provide information to remove any mystery from the closing process, so our clients can focus simply on living their lives and buying or selling their homes, without the hassle of unexpected legal issues. We educate our clients about state law regarding disclosures so there won’t be problems when a property is listed and inspected. We can identify title problems early in the process so the closing happens on time or in severe cases, we may even be able to save the deal. We make sure documents and contracts are properly drafted. It’s not uncommon for closings to be interrupted by unwanted surprises during a closing.  We work to help our clients prevent and avoid surprises and manage them if they do occur.  Part of residential law is also helping families protect their financial and emotional investments in their homes during tough economic times.  Depending on the situation, we may try to delay the foreclosure process as long as possible or directly challenge the loan and the foreclosure process to reduce and possibly eliminate the debt.  We help our clients with loan modifications so the mortgage can be reinstated, or we can short sell their property so the loan deficiency is reduced or eliminated. Sometimes, it’s even possible to get the mortgage holder’s agreement to receive the deed in lieu of any further liability. We can also save our clients money by helping them file a tax appeal to try to lower their tax costs.

3.  Real Estate Development

We help families and businesses develop real estate.  It gives us great satisfaction when we do our part to make a piece of undeveloped land, or developed land that hasn’t reached its potential, blossom into something that not only helps our clients, but the community as a whole.  Development often ushers in jobs, homes, businesses, a greater tax base and a healthier community.  Our Real Estate and Development Team can help you navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of laws, rules and regulations that affect modern real estate transactions. We represent a wide range of clients in a myriad of real-estate situations. Whether representing clients before local value adjustment boards or procuring Federal funding from Washington, our Commercial Real Estate and Development Team can get the job done.  We focus on the legal and governmental issues involved in a project so our clients can focus on running their businesses.

4.  Development agreements

A development agreement is simply and an agreement to develop a piece of land for personal or commercial use. Such agreements are incredibly important, as they impact the entire scope of any project; they should be completed correctly and accurately in order to protect your interests. The agreement can be between any number of parties, such as an individual, a construction company, a commercial builder, a city or town, a retail business or any combination thereof. It might deal with hazardous chemicals or toxic materials that need to be removed from the site. The contract should list the necessary steps the builder needs to take in order to have the development approved by the municipality where the property is located. The development plan sketches out the project and sets down the expectations regarding time-frames and property limits. Depending on the complexity of the project, the improvements section may be very long as it outlines all of the improvements the project will need, such as the improvement of sewer lines or sidewalks. The final sections will set deadlines for building, landscaping rules, parking rules and other rules for further construction on that parcel of land. Contracts like these form the legal basis for important relationships between parties developing real estate. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach to creating these agreements and make sure the unique needs of our clients and their projects are fully protected. If you’ve been asked to sign a development agreement or wish to have one created, contact our office. The agreement is too important to draft without the review of an experienced florida real estate attorney.

5.  Land acquisitions

In a volatile real estate market, experienced representation can protect your interests in every step of a real estate transaction. Buying and selling residential and commercial property is more complicated than ever before. We help our clients in all types of acquisitions, including preparation and review of:
  • Real estate purchase and sales agreements
  • Land surveys
  • Deed restrictions
  • Financing documents
  • Closing documents
We may discover fixable or permanent problems with the property before closing – problems that might force you to reconsider the purchase altogether. There may be border disputes with neighboring property owners, the area may not be zoned for your type of project, toxic waste could be present or there may even be significant liens on the property. Only with the help of experienced legal counsel can you be confident in the both the property you are purchasing and the transaction process to acquire it.

6.  Compliance with local codes and requirements

Developing a property could require working with a number of government agencies on zoning, wetlands and land use. These processes can drag on, delaying projects and generating hefty expenses. The best way to minimize these delays is to plan ahead and proactively resolve issues.  We inform clients what is required under the applicable land use laws and regulations and the necessary steps to accomplish their goals in order to avoid as many problems as possible. This can prevent issues from becoming regulatory problems, stirring up opposition from local land owners and making board and commission members delay your approval. We also work with the staff of government bodies to communicate the facts and goals of a project and do all we can to accommodate their concerns about a project’s impact, while meeting our client’s goals concerning costs and profitability. This cooperative approach can be far more cost and time effective for our clients than a “my way or the highway” approach or threats of legal action.  We will zealously protect our client’s rights through litigation when necessary, but that’s an expensive tool better left as a last resort.

7.  Representation before government entities

Government entities have their role to play in land use.  They must balance the needs and desires of developers, the wants and needs of neighbors and the community as a whole while juggling these interests with the applicable laws and regulations.  It’s our job to communicate to these entities and any concerned citizens how our clients’ projects comply with applicable regulations and how it will benefit the community.  Our administrative lawyers are skilled at representing property owners and developers on zoning and land use issues, including providing tools they can use to help maximize the value of a property. We work with government staff on our clients’ projects and our attorneys make presentations before government bodies during official meetings.  We even answer questions and concerns raised by board members and members of the public during public hearings. 

Our experienced team helps clients achieve their objectives, beginning with strategic planning and continuing through final government approval. If your project will be before a government entity, or if you’re a concerned citizen who wants an educated opinion on a proposal that’s being reviewed by a government body, contact our office so we can discuss the issue and your options for dealing with it.

Real estate development is a major part of our practice.  The knowledge and expertise we’ve developed over the years allows us to help our clients reach their real estate development goals effectively and efficiently.
A. Land use
Property owners and developers invest substantial amounts of money into their real estate, and they expect reasonable use of their property and a return on their investment. Ever-changing regulations from multiple agencies can significantly impact those plans. We are involved with clients' real estate projects from inception to the issuance of certificates of occupancy. If land use law impacts your business, we can help you navigate complex government rules and regulations, from local zoning regulations to federal environmental laws, so you can realize your goals.  Whether you’re involved in new construction or renovation of existing structures, we can help.

Our experienced Florida attorneys can assist your project through every phase of the zoning approval process. Additionally, we work with state and local environmental agencies, health departments, zoning boards, building departments, historical commissions, architectural review boards, planning boards and state transportation authorities to gain project approval.

Each project and potential land use dispute is unique. We develop a specific strategy for each client and each project. Real estate projects involve many moving governmental parts, including administrative proceedings, negotiation, geological and environmental investigation, permitting, regulatory compliance and civil planning. We help you coordinate these elements, plan for difficulties and take advantage of opportunities.  We advise clients to be proactive and prevent problems, avoiding expensive and time-consuming litigation and regulatory action. 
We take a team approach to our clients’ projects.  We will work closely with other members of your development team, including civil and traffic engineers, environmental professionals, architects and land surveyors. We keep our clients informed on pending land use, development legislation and regulation, so you can plan ahead.

B.  Property development
Our administrative lawyers are skilled at representing property owners, developers, architects and engineers on zoning and land-use issues. We can provide tools to help you maximize the value of your property. Our administrative lawyers can handle virtually any issue that comes up with respect to developing or improving a property. The firm's land-use clients benefit greatly from our involvement in the earliest stages of development. It is much easier, simpler, and more cost-efficient to start down the correct path initially than to reroute an off-course ship. That said, our attorneys can help maximize return on investment regardless of the project’s stage.

Developing property could require working with a number of government agencies on zoning, wetlands and land use. We inform clients as to what is required under the applicable municipal zoning ordinance and the necessary steps to accomplish their goals. We help clients achieve their objectives, beginning with strategic planning and continuing through final government approval.

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