Condo and Homeowner Association

We represent condominium owners and associations.  We know the unique laws that apply to them and the legal situations they face. Like most areas of the law, we seek to negotiate most issues to reach amicable agreements, but we also litigate when necessary. Condominium and homeowners associations (HOA) are similar to a governmental body in Florida.  The state has specific HOA and condo laws that govern how a condominium and an HOA can conduct themselves. State HOA law requires the owners to elect a board of directors. That board is authorized to make decisions that are in the best interests of the condo - HOA association and its owners. The board appoints officers who are responsible for the day to day functions of the condo - HOA association. If a board member deliberately makes choices that are contrary to Florida condo and HOA laws, that board member may be held personally liable for the act, so seeking advice from a well-versed condominium attorney may save a lot of time, aggravation and money.

Tough economic times have caused Florida condominium and homeowner associations to suffer, as owners going into foreclosure are unable to pay HOA - condo dues. A Florida HOA – condo lawyer needs to be creative in assisting these communities in distress. We can file motions to compel the completion of foreclosures in a timely manner so mortgage companies can start paying association fees.

Every HOA needs legal counsel to address their legal needs and ensure that the association board’s actions are consistent with their governing documents and Florida law.  Because each association is unique, with its own rules, bylaws, and declarations, we work closely with each one to understand the unique issues of these governing bodies. 

Partial Service List

We can provide the following services for condo and homeowner associations, or the individuals they’re seeking redress from:
  • Collect unpaid assessments
  • Enforce restrictive covenants
  • Resolve election disputes and recall petitions
  • Litigate against the developer, unit or parcel owners, contractors or vendors
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Representation before the Department of Business and Professional Regulation
  • Legal opinions regarding governing documents and Florida law
  • General legal representation regarding the administration of the association’s business
Whether you’re an association or an individual home or condo owner, we can advise you of your legal rights, responsibilities and protections.  We will represent you to help resolve issues in your favor and effectively litigate, if necessary, to help you reach your goals. Whatever your needs are in the field of real estate law, we have the knowledge and experience to fully represent your interests.  Contact us today at 1-800-863-9560 to discuss your situation

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