Real Estate Litigation

Construction Defect Litigation

If a new office building, factory or warehouse isn’t opening on time due to contraction problems, it could cost the owner thousands, if not millions, of dollars.  Whether you’re in the construction business, or a property owner contemplating or undergoing a construction project, major renovation or repair, contact our office to make sure your rights are being protected. 

Landlord-Tenant Law

If you own or manage rental property, you are faced with a number of laws covering various legal issues.  We can relieve that burden and help you focus on running your business.  We represent property owners who rent or lease their residential, commercial or industrial property.  We can review or draft leases, keep clients up to date on the many legal issues involving property owners, modify leases, address lease violations and property damage, and help you navigate premise liability. The eviction process is spelled out by state law and when it’s necessary, we make sure it’s done properly and efficiently.  If you own a rental property and have questions or need advice, call our office so we can help you get the most from your property.

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