An Extensive Background In Administrative Law

At Weiss, Handler & Cornwell, P.A., our administrative law attorneys fully understand the complexities of government and have the experience to develop a particularized strategy to achieve your goals before government agencies and regulatory boards. Administrative law covers a wide range of issues, including:

  • An agency wanting to suspend or take away the license of a professional licensed by the state
  • A developer or property owner needs to comply with land use or zoning regulations set forth by local government entities
  • A business or contractor seeking a government contract, challenging an improperly acquired contract, or defending your government contract against a challenger

Representing a client before a government agency or board is not like representing a client at a trial. There is no judge or jury, only officials appointed or hired to serve the public interest. Our experienced team helps clients achieve their objectives, beginning with strategic planning and continuing through final government approval.

Working With Government Entities For Approvals, Licenses, And Permits

Our clients have goals they want to reach. Many business projects, such as expanding property or securing proper licensing, often require approval by various government bodies. Our job is to do thorough research and provide you with a step-by-step plan for legally acquiring the necessary government approval for your project — while minimizing your expenditures.

Each state also regulates a wide range of professions — from architects to attorneys, barbers to electrical contractors, and medical professionals and facilities to cosmetologists. If your livelihood depends on acquiring or maintaining state licensure, we have the experience to facilitate the process quickly and accurately. Our veteran team in Boca Raton will make sure your rights are fully protected.

Trusted By Property Owners And Real Estate Developers

Government entities often regulate land use to balance the wants and needs of property owners, developers, neighbors, and the community as a whole. Our firm frequently represents clients before these government bodies, communicating to these entities and any concerned citizens how our clients’ projects comply with applicable regulations and how they will impact the community.

Our administrative law attorneys can provide the tools you need to help maximize the value of your Florida property. We work directly with government staff, often making presentations before any relevant administrative boards or government bodies. We even answer questions and concerns raised by board members and members of the public during public hearings.

If your project will be before a government entity, or if you’re a concerned citizen who wants an educated opinion on a proposal that’s being reviewed by a government body, contact our office so we can discuss the issue. Call 888-361-6745 to get started, or reach out to us online.