Condominium Safety – The Lessons From Surfside For Board Members

The tragic events in Surfside at Champlain Towers South and the sudden evacuation of Crestview Towers in North Miami Beach due to structural faults should remind all condominium board members of the seriousness of their responsibilities to their associations and fellow unit owners.

Condominium board members have a duty to exercise judgment in highly technical matters affecting the safety of your condominium residents and the maintenance of the condominium physical plant itself.

Don’t Undertake Your Statutory Responsibilities Alone

Now more than ever, condominium board members need to have the advice of experienced and competent legal counsel such as Weiss, Handler & Cornwell, P.A. to make these crucial decisions.

Our Firm is particularly well-suited to guide you and your fellow condominium board members to fulfill your fiduciary duties.  Since our formation over 36 years ago, Weiss, Handler & Cornwell, P.A. has been a pioneer and leader in condominium law and construction defects litigation.  We have counseled hundreds of associations throughout South Florida in such crucial areas as:

  • representation in construction defects lawsuits. Partners Henry B. Handler, William J. Cornwell, and Howard I. Weiss have obtained settlements or judgments with a combined total of over $40 million;
  • deciding which experts and professional engineers, architects and contractors should be hired to identify and resolve construction and maintenance issues and negotiating and drafting contracts with professionals for needed work to ensure the integrity and safety of your condominium building.
  • reviewing and explaining insurance policies and statutory reserves, and recommending needed changes and conducting member meetings to deal with these issues;
  • representation before local commissions, agencies and boards and the Florida Division of Condominiums and concerning building code compliance and inspections.

Every condominium association needs experienced and competent legal counsel to assist board members in making crucial decisions having real-life serious consequences. Hire a law firm with a 36 year plus track record in advising condominium boards and handling construction defects litigation to help you.  Please contact us to discuss your association’s needs.