Boca Raton’s Premier Commercial Litigation Firm

Weiss, Handler & Cornwell, P.A., represents countless businesses across the South Florida area, and can effectively protect your interests and efficiently litigate your case. We have achieved success for clients in lawsuits involving business disputes over multi-million dollar contract disputes, enforcement actions by government bodies, and more.

Litigating Sophisticated Business Matters

Businesses often need to resort to litigation if they cannot resolve disputes with other parties. We protect our clients’ rights through litigation in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Shareholder and partnership disputes: Ideally, a partnership agreement or corporate bylaws will offer concrete guidelines when relationships go sour. If not, attorneys may need to get involved. If we cannot work out an agreement with all parties involved, we will proceed with litigation to fully protect our client’s rights and investments.
  • Fraud claims: If you or your business has been accused of fraud, we can help defend you against these claims. If you feel your business has been the victim of fraud, we can also help you investigate the matter and seek compensation from the responsible party. Either way, these are serious charges that deserve a thorough inquiry and experienced legal representation in order to protect your interests.
  • Debt collection: You work hard for your money. If your business is owed money, or a money judgment has been entered against a party in your favor, we will fight to make sure you receive what is owed. Debtors can be creative in their attempts to hide assets and avoid making their payments. We have years of experience in litigation and exercising judgments, and we’ve seen every trick in the book.

Business litigation is often high-stakes, and you need a commercial litigation attorney familiar with these sophisticated matters. We are recognized as one of Boca Raton’s leading litigation firms, and our lawyers are trusted by some of South Florida’s largest organizations. Call 888-361-6745 to discuss your dispute with our attorneys, or reach out to us online.