Assisting Clients Through Real Estate Land Use, Development And Zoning

Real estate development often ushers in jobs, homes, businesses, a greater tax base, and a healthier community. Our real estate and development team can help you navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of laws, rules, and regulations that affect modern real estate transactions, whether residential or commercial in nature. At Weiss, Handler & Cornwell, P.A., we represent a wide range of clients in a myriad of real estate matters — from representing clients before local value adjustment boards to procuring federal funding from Washington. We focus on the legal and governmental issues involved in a project so our clients can focus on running their businesses.

Ensuring A Smooth Development Process

Our firm assists developers in Boca Raton and across South Florida in initiating and facilitating the development of property lawfully and efficiently. Before beginning development, we help you draft and negotiate the necessary development agreements among any parties involved, including other individuals, construction companies, commercial builders, cities or towns, retail businesses, or any combination thereof. Our attorneys can work to ensure that these agreements protect your rights and help your project run smoothly.

Compliance With Local Codes And Requirements

Developing a property could require working with a number of government agencies on zoning and land use. The best way to minimize these delays is to plan ahead and proactively resolve issues. We frequently inform clients as to what is required under the applicable municipal zoning ordinance and take the necessary steps to accomplish their goals.

If land use law impacts your business, we can help you navigate complex government rules and regulations — from local zoning regulations to federal environmental laws — so you can realize your goals. Each project and potential land-use dispute is unique. We develop a specific strategy for each client and each project, representing clients through administrative proceedings, negotiations, geological and environmental investigations, permitting, regulatory compliance, and civil planning.

While litigation is best left as a last resort, we are always prepared to zealously protect our clients’ rights in court when necessary. If you need assistance navigating local land use and zoning laws or are involved in a development project, contact our lawyers for assistance. Call 888-361-6745 or reach out to us online for more information.