Understanding construction defects

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There are many concerns that arise when purchasing a building or a new house, yet one of the biggest concerns in real estate lies in construction defects. For some, it might be difficult to determine who is at fault and how can a faulty construction affect the property. It is important to know what is considered construction defects and who is at fault and can be held liable.

Construction defects:

This can either be reflected in the property as a flaw in the construction, such as roof cracks, leaking pipes, poor electricity, gas leaks, holes on the wall, issues with the plumbing and water, among other things. Another issue is that the value of said property is lowered greatly when there is a flaw in its construction. In some cases, the construction defects are hard to see at first glance and it is not until someone has officially moved into the property that they start to notice them.


Generally, the person who is most likely to be considered liable for the construction defects is usually going to be either the architect or the engineer. If there is a defect in the design of the property, then the builder will usually be held accountable.

When someone is injured in the property and the damages are due to the construction defects, then the victim of the incident has the right to sue for personal injuries, which in many cases will include medical expenses, lost salary from missing work, the pain and suffering of the said injury, decreased quality in the victim’s life, among many others.