Commercial real estate zoning in Florida

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If you are thinking about leasing or purchasing commercial real estate in Florida, there are many things to consider, including commercial zoning laws intended to limit the activities of a business in a specific area. These laws will vary depending on the city, county, or municipality, as well as the subtype of commercial zone that fits your business (e.g., retail or office).

Zoning laws may restrict:

  • Type of business
  • Building structure (e.g., type, height, number of exits, appearance)
  • Parking
  • Signage
  • Health and safety (e.g., use of toxic chemicals)
  • Lighting
  • Noise levels
  • Accessibility

Do your research before buying commercial property

Before you purchase a property, it is important to thoroughly research the zoning laws in your area. Even if a previous owner violated zoning laws, that does not necessarily give a new owner the right to do the same. Some new property owners get into trouble when they find that the previous owner was violating zoning restrictions. Keep a lookout for:

  • New zoning laws that will impact you as the new owner.
  • Whether the previous owner had a variance that excused them from having to conform to the zoning law.
  • Whether you have to fulfill specific requirements to have your use approved.

Before you sign a commercial lease or purchase a commercial property, it is important to know the limits placed on your activities by the zoning laws in your area.  An attorney specializing in real estate law can help you understand these complex laws and ensure that you are successful in all your business endeavors.