Steps to take before your property inspection

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When a piece of commercial property is sold in Boca Raton, one important part of the sales process is a property inspection. A property inspection is meant to uncover problems with the property that could cost the buyer significant money if they remained hidden after closing.

While it is buyers who will pay for the inspection and largely benefit from it, sellers will still want to know what inspectors are looking for and how they can best prepare for a successful inspection.

What will inspectors look for?

Inspectors are looking for problems with the property that need to be repaired or updated. These could be structural damages, wiring or other systems that are not up to code, evidence of mold, poor drainage and leaky plumbing.

How to prepare for inspection

First, take note of which property features deserve special attention. Look at your property’s:

  • Roof
  • Doors and windows
  • Fixtures
  • Exterior
  • Structure
  • Plumbing
  • Wiring

If you think there is an issue with one of these features, write it down. Even minor issues can lead to extensive and expensive repairs.

Second, declutter and clean up your property inside and out. A clean property that is free of clutter is easier to inspect (and sell) than one that is unkempt.

Third, if you have already vacated the property, ensure all utilities are turned on for the inspection. The inspector will need access to gas, running water and electricity.

Fourth, if you have remote controls for various property features, make sure your inspector has access to these tools so they can perform a thorough inspection.

A thorough inspection is an important part of the process of selling or buying commercial property. Buyers will want to know of problems with the property before agreeing on a sales price. Sellers can negotiate a price reduction or payment of repair costs if the inspection reveals issues. This can keep the deal on the table, leading to a successful sale.