Helpful tips to avoid construction delays

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As a construction manager, you know the problems delays in your construction project can cause. Although sometimes delays are inevitable and should even be anticipated, there are some strategies you can use to reduce the chance of delays in your construction project.

One of the best ways to avoid common construction project delays is engaging in thorough planning. The more you plan, the less your chance of delays.

A construction project plan should include detailed timelines, realistic goals and a specific budget. A good plan also analyzes potential delays and includes steps to take if one occurs.

Assume everything will take longer

When it comes to the timeline, make sure it is realistic. One common reason for delays is simply that the timeline was too optimistic. As you estimate the time necessary for completion of each task, assume it will take longer than you estimate and include that extra time in your plan.

Add in extra time for approvals. Sometimes delays occur because a task is finished but there is a wait for approval.

Select the right contractor. The right contractor can help implement these strategies and use their relationships with subcontractors to help move your project along.

Be flexible with materials and supplies

You may be set on using only specific materials and equipment but have some alternative options in mind. The supply chain has been unpredictable in recent years and having alternative solutions in mind can prevent delays.

Do not underestimate your relationship with your suppliers. As with any type of business, suppliers with a positive, strong relationship with certain customers are more likely to go above and beyond to satisfy their requests.

This is one of the simplest but most helpful tips. Maintaining a good relationship typically only requires being kind, respectful, paying bills on time and communicating effectively.

The benefits of communication

Establishing good communication with others beyond suppliers goes a long way toward preventing delays. Develop a clear communication process and keep information flowing throughout the chain of command so everyone is on the same page.

Delays can cause frustration and disrupt a project, but these tips can help you avoid a delay that you may need to defend yourself against.