Condo association files suit over building’s construction defects

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Commercial development is big business throughout Florida. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that the real estate market is lucrative and Florida is an alluring place to live. Still, there are frequently issues with large-scale projects and one of the most challenging for developers and construction companies is if there are allegations of construction law violations or defects. Repairs can be exorbitantly expensive and lawsuits can cause problems for those who are confronted by them amid accusations of wrongdoing. These entities should ensure they are protected under the law, fight lawsuits and seek reasonable resolutions to disputes.

Condominium project said to be rife with construction defects and other problems

A property company from New York moved into the Florida real estate market a decade ago and its first completed project is said to have construction problems. The property was promoted as having various, high-end amenities including a massive fitness center, units that were completely furnished and more. It was finished in 2015, but the condominium association has filed a lawsuit against the developer, a general contractor and more than 20 other companies that took part in its construction. The association says that missteps and legal violations resulted in close to five dozen construction defects and issues.

The complainants assert that they sought settlement options, but were rebuffed. At the time of the project’s completion, the defects were undiscovered. Consultants hired by the association are said to have inspected the property and found the defects. They assert the defects are all over the property from the roof to the garage and in the units. Examples are the installation of stucco having been done incorrectly, the windows and roof allowing water to seep in with damages probable in the future.

Defending against allegations of construction violations requires legal assistance

Property developers and construction contractors are vulnerable to accusations of wrongdoing and the legal filings that often accompany these situations. Even though these cases may be framed from the perspective of the people who bought apartments and are dissatisfied, the developer and contractors should have a strong legal defense. Claims of construction defects and legal violations can not only be financially costly, but it can also damage reputations and harm future business endeavors. To defend against claims or to seek a reasonable settlement, a firm with experience in all aspects of construction law may be able to help.