Florida’s most common construction problems

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In Florida’s commercial real estate market, construction professionals encounter a spectrum of challenges. In this blog post, we will look at some of the most common construction issues.

Foundation issues

Defects in foundations are prevalent. These defects span from minor fissures to substantial structural displacements. These often stem from inadequate soil preparation or non-compliance with building regulations as the soil in our state is complicated and often battered by violent weather and the ocean.

Water intrusion

Florida is wet. Even when it is not raining, it is wet, which explains why another common construction issue is intrusion. Improperly installed roofing, siding or windows can foster moisture infiltration, which can cause mold proliferation and structural compromise.

Plumbing and electrical defects

Yet another common construction problem is plumbing leaks and substandard electrical installations. There are several reasons for these issues. It can be caused by bad quality materials or craftsmanship, but it can also be caused by the issues stated above, water intrusion and foundational issues. Though, each pose not only financial burdens, but also jeopardizes operational continuity and safety. Compromised quality in materials or craftsmanship yield many challenges.

Navigating building codes

Building codes exist for a reason, and that reason is safety and longevity. Construction should be done at minimum to code, but preferably well above it. Adhering to Florida’s evolving building codes is indispensable. The code safeguards properties against the state’s unique environmental demands.

Proactive strategies

Implementing a regimen of regular inspections, swift defect reporting and collaboration with certified professionals mitigates issues before they escalate. Vigilance in identifying and mitigating common construction problems is imperative for commercial real estate professionals. This can safeguard your investments and ensure client satisfaction.