Common types of construction defects

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Construction defects can result from a variety of different situations and circumstances. Four years of research, however, found that the most common reason for construction defects was poorly trained contractors. Because of the significance of construction defects, it is helpful for homeowners and property owners impact by them to be familiar with construction law and legal protections available.

Common reasons for construction defects

There are several common reasons for construction defects including:

  • Poor workmanship;
  • Misinterpretation of building plans; and
  • Deviations from the manufacturer recommendations.

Common types of construction defects

Some of the most frequently seen construction defects include:

  • Problems with exterior weather barriers;
  • Problems with structural framing;
  • Problems with mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; and
  • Problems with window and door installations.

According to the research that was done, the average construction deficiency rate for single family homes in Florida was 5%. Nationally, the average construction deficiency rate for single family homes was 3%. The research included an analysis of 2,000 construction projects across 26 states.

The impact of construction defects

When a homeowner is left with construction defects, it may impact the value of their home or property and the usability of their home or property. For that reason, homeowners and other property owners impacted by construction defects should be familiar with the legal resources available to them.

Filing a claim for construction defects

A claim for construction defects may help with remediation of the defects and also compensate the homeowner for the loss of value in their home or other damages they have suffered as a result of the construction defects in their home or property. These are important legal resources worth being familiar with when a homeowner or property owner has been negatively impacted by construction defects.