An attorney can represent you before the Value Adjustment Board

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In Florida, a property appraiser is responsible for evaluating a property and determining various exemptions, classifications, and valuations. However, property owners do not always agree with the property appraiser’s denial of exemptions or classifications, or the assessed value of the property. In such cases, the Value Adjustment Board in Palm Beach County will hear appeals relating to the various disputes that may arise between property owners and appraisers.

What is the VAB?

The Board, administered by the County’s Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller’s Office, is made up of two people from the county’s board, one person from the county’s school board, and two citizen members.

Property owners who disagree with the property assessments specified on their “Notice of Proposed Property Taxes” may request an informal review by the Property Appraiser’s Office or file a petition with the VAB for adjustment.

Special Magistrates with experience in property appraisal and/or legal matters will conduct the hearings and their decisions will be forwarded to the VAB for final review and approval. The VAB will then make a final ruling.

How can an attorney help?

No matter what government agency or board you are going in front of, an attorney experienced in real estate law and administrative law procedures can help come up with an effective strategy to maximize the value of a Boca Raton property. Your attorney can represent you at a VAB hearing, answering all questions posed by board members and addressing any concerns that arise.