The latest building collapse places a spotlight on safety issues

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Injuries |

As rescuers continue to sift through the rubble of what was once a 12-story condo building, condo board members in other buildings throughout South Florida worry about the ramifications of their own decisions on matters similarly complex and technical. This tragedy has highlighted the gravity of these decisions and the necessity of skilled legal counsel in making them.

Building collapses and other serious effects of condo board decisions

As with many other building collapses and horrific accidents, the Florida tragedy resulted in a myriad of decisions made by seemingly well-intentioned volunteer board members that snowballed into a catastrophic tragedy with real-life consequences.

Negligence comes in many forms. From inaction caused by board member and resident conflicts, disputes concerning the size and scope of needed repairs and maintenance, to objections of proposed assessments, these and many other factors can, unfortunately, result in catastrophic injury, loss of life and legal and financial liability.

Seeking the advice of an experienced attorney is critical in helping condo boards navigate the potential pitfalls resulting in operating and managing a large association of property owners. A lawyer can assist board members in making crucial decisions like:

  • Hiring experts and professional engineers, architects, and contracts to handle building repairs and maintenance issues
  • Dealing with construction defect lawsuits against builders, designers, subcontractors and other professionals who ultimately led to serious problems with a condo building
  • Representing condo boards before local commissions, agencies and boards and the Florida Division of Condominiums

Building collapses like the one residents of Surfside just experienced are catastrophic events that are making condo boards across South Florida reconsider their own actions and the need for legal counsel. It is critically important to ensure that this never happens again by speaking to an attorney versed in these legal matters.