Decades long process to approve future land use application

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Whether it is to maintain a home, business or public park, each piece of land has its purpose. A land use plan describes how a parcel of land can be used. Zoning and land use laws dictate how the land is used and what kind of structures can be built upon it. While these can seem restricting, it is possible to seek zoning changes. However, this can be a lengthy process and one where approval is needed.

Land use plan

Currently, the future land use application of 600-acre empty field in Beulah is at the state level. After a county commission vote 5-0, the future land use plans were sent to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. This has been a decade long process to convert this land, which was used as a Navy helicopter training facility. The goal is to use this land for the benefit of the public, comprising of residential, retail and commercial spaces.

Zoning changes

While the future land use plan will by decided at the state level, the specific zoning changes will be voted on separately at the local level. This has been nearly a two-decade endeavor, as residents in the area were outspoken about the intended use in certain areas of the land. Currently, a hybrid zoning type has been agreed to; however, issues remain regarding comer designation and the town center-style development. During public hearings, residents in the area shared that they want elements such as parks, businesses, retail and a school on the site.

Whether one seeks to convert land for public or private use, seeking land use or zoning changes can be a complex process. Thus, it is important one not only understands the process, but also has a clear picture on how best to navigate the process.