New apartment complex has mold and radon, worrying residents

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In Florida, there can be complications with any construction project. It is wise for developers and contractors to expect the unexpected. However, when there are issues that arise even after the project is completed and they were either missed or ignored, it can cause severe problems. If, for example, dangers are found due to faulty construction, defects, structural damage, mold, infestations and other challenges, there will inevitably be disputes. If these are found when residents are already living in a relatively new development, it is important to understand how to address these hazards.

Dangers found at new Boca Raton apartment complex

An apartment complex that was completed and opened to the public toward the end of 2020 was recently discovered to have radon and mold. There are more than 450 apartments and monthly rent starts at $2,300. Residents discussed the presence of these substances on the property. In recent years, few developments were built in the area. This was the first multi-family structure built in 20 years. Radon is a radioactive gas without odor, taste or color. It can lead to health problems including cancer.

In the tests, 12 units were found to have radon. The inspection company representative said that it is possible that the radon leak could stem from building materials. The owners have been informed as to what is happening and steps are being taken to address it. One resident mentioned that mold was present in his bedroom. The man and his wife say they were feeling ill. More mold was found in the garage. The developer and owner have expressed concern and plan to address these flaws. Some residents have openly weighed their legal options.

Construction defects can be complicated and repairs costly

While the developer and the owner seem in agreement regarding the mold and radon, there could come a time when there are legal filings as to who is responsible and how the repairs should be made. Construction law regarding these defects and how they will be handled can be difficult. Regardless of the perspective, it is important to have professional assistance and protection to try to come to a reasonable solution.