How old is too old for a construction defect claim?

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Currently, if a person buys a new house in Florida and things in the house and property start to deteriorate, there is a 10-year time period in which the builder is considered responsible for fixing the problem. However, that time period may become shorter very soon.

In a recent session of the Florida Legislature, two bills came up for debate that would shorten the amount of time of the builder’s responsibility to as little as five years. However, after you purchase a new home, move in, and get settled, it is very possible that more than five years will pass before you even start to notice any defects. Five years may seem like a short amount of time.

Construction defects and why they happen

Defects that occur in home construction are problems or mistakes that are found in the home. Those defects can include poor work quality, design, engineering, materials, and other issues. From the homeowner’s perspective, the two motivating reasons why they bring a construction defect lawsuit against a builder is so that the damage will either be fixed and or so that they will receive money for the damage that occurred.

During the construction process, builders are legally responsible for being reasonably careful while they are building. If you believe that the builder was not reasonably careful while building your home, you might be able to claim negligence on the part of the builder. Of course, you will need to prove that. There are many reasons why negligence may have occurred, including inexperience and lack of knowledge on the part of the builder.

The possible existence of construction defects in all homes

Whether you are buying a new home or are having the home that you already own renovated, there is always the possibility of defects. If you are having a dispute because of a defect on your property, a Florida construction law lawyer may be able to help to turn the situation around. The lawyer can guide you through the legal process and help you to obtain what you deserve and what is fair. There is great value in having the support that you need so that the results are hopefully favorable.