How to obtain variances from zoning regulations in Boca Raton

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There are many locations in and around Boca Raton, Florida, where people and businesses would like to build new buildings or remodel existing buildings. They may have a specific design in mind to ensure that what they want or need is in the new structure. There are many different factors that designers and owners need to consider when designing the buildings or remodeling existing buildings.

There are budgets and structural considerations that dictate what can and cannot be done. However, there are other factors as well that may be out of the owner’s and designers’ control. One of these factors is zoning and land use regulations. These control the type of businesses or structures that can be built in a certain area, the size of buildings, the number of units in a building, the location of parking lots and other aspects of the project.

If the zoning regulations do not allow for something that the owner wants to do, they may need to seek a variance from the zoning regulations. These variances can allow for different setbacks on the property; the minimum floor area for the building or the dwelling units; heights of walls and fences; district boundary requirements and other aspects of the building process.

Types of variances that can be granted

To request these variances, people need to submit an application to the zoning board. There may need to be a hearing on the request, depending on the circumstances. After reviewing the request, the zoning board will make a decision. If the zoning board does not grant the variance, the owner does have an opportunity to appeal the decision. The appeal needs to be filed within 30 days of the initial decision and is heard by the city council.

Zoning regulations in Boca Raton can be complicated and may seem arbitrary at times. However, when people and businesses are starting a new building project, they need to understand what the regulations allow and do not allow in a certain area.

Even if the plans do not conform to these regulations, there is a possibility that variances may be granted and the project can move forward. Experienced attorneys understand both the regulations and the process for requesting variances. Consulting with them prior to building could be beneficial.