Construction defect claims could be impacted by roof endorsements

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In recent years, Florida has had more than its fair share of construction issues, property damage and people filing claims to recover for what was lost. This directly impacts property owners, construction companies, subcontractors and insurers.

Given the hefty cost for repairs and replacements, business often try to mitigate costs by implementing various rules and regulations. Such was the case recently when insurance companies sought roof endorsements to prevent claims for specific issues.

Understanding the roof endorsements

Insurance companies claim their objective is to prevent fraudulent roof claims. There were already endorsements in place at the time the recent filing was made.
Some expected an expansion of the definition of “roof surfacing.” This is a term that adjusts how roof will be assessed if it is damaged.

Whereas the part of the roof that is exposed to the elements is under this endorsement, its expansion would include the underlying parts of the roof. That could include vents and skylights. Roof surfacing is not covered unless the damage comes about from a hurricane or a storm that has been given an official name.

Latent defects, defective materials and defective designs are not covered.

Construction companies and contractors are expected to use adequate materials. Those designing the project should understand how to ensure it stays intact and safe for residents. With this endorsement, consumers might not be able to make claims as they did in the past.

Keeping up to date on property damage insurance can help people stay protected

Despite insurance companies’ assertions that this is not done to harm consumers, adjusters say that this could eliminate property owners from making any claims for problems with their roof apart from the two exceptions for hurricanes and named storms.

People who own property in Florida do not need to be reminded of what can happen to their property if there are design flaws, construction defects or defective materials used. Being aware of how this endorsement could affect their ability to be covered for claims related to these issues is imperative. Having professional advice for any construction law concern is a wise step.