Common types of deed restrictions

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There are many factors to consider when you are purchasing real estate in Florida and one of these is whether the property you are interested in comes with any deed restrictions.

A deed restriction places limits on how you can use the property you purchase. The limitations can be on various things, such as what types of structures you build on the property to what kind of decorations you can put up. A property in a housing development with a homeowners’ association is an example of a deed-restricted property.

Structures and materials

There are several common types of deed restrictions you might encounter. In addition to a limit on the types of additional structures you can build on your property, you may be restricted to using certain kinds of material if you do build.

This is often seen with structures such as fences or trees. You might be forbidden from building a fence that obstructs a neighbor’s view.

Vehicles and pets

Another common deed restriction involves the number of vehicles you can have on your property. You could be restricted to having only vehicles that can fit inside your garage.

This means you may not be able to keep a boat or trailer on the property, since those are usually kept outside. The purpose of this type of restriction is to keep street parking available and avoid cluttered-looking yards.

The type and number of pets you can own are another typical deed restriction. Certain breeds of dogs and livestock such as chickens might be banned. The intent behind this type of restriction is usually to prevent noise or unpleasant smells.

Business activities

Some deed restrictions go beyond physical limits. Your deed could restrict the type of business you can conduct on your property, such as a home-based business. This limitation helps prevent too much traffic in the community from your clients or customers.

Before you go through with a real estate purchase, you should examine any deed restrictions and make sure they fit with your lifestyle.