Don’t let mold ruin your construction project

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2023 | Construction Law |

There are many unexpected events that could impact your Florida construction project. One of these is the discovery of mold during the project.

This could cause you many problems and potentially open you up to legal liability. Your construction project could also be delayed or suspended.

What causes mold?

There are many things that could cause mold to develop during your construction project. Mold results when construction materials become damp through moisture from condensation, high humidity or liquid.

Mold can come from problems with your construction site, design or products. Small areas, such as crawlspaces, are more likely to be susceptible to mold. Poor drainage that causes liquid to seep onto stored building materials can also cause mold.

Wood products are more likely to develop mold, especially if they have sap-stain molds, while flaws in your design can result in liquids flowing onto products or materials.

You must act quickly if you believe there is a mold problem. Do not keep building and hope nothing will happen.

Ways to prevent mold

There are various steps you can take to help prevent mold during your construction site project.

Store your construction site materials in a dry, safe place where they are less likely to encounter liquid.

Have a good moisture control system in place and check it regularly to make sure it is properly maintained. Decide how to prevent mold from occurring and steps you will take if mold develops.

Even with a plan, water may develop in some places during your project. Address the issue immediately, since mold can form as quickly as 24 to 48 hours after the moisture gets onto the materials.

You can use fans, dehumidifiers or other equipment to clean up the water. Have these items easily accessible.

These steps can reduce the risk of mold developing. If it does, you must know how to address the situation.