Protecting your rights in a construction defect case

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Each party of a construction project have rights when it comes to the successful completion of the project. As a construction business owner, the contracts with contractors, subcontractors and suppliers are often pivotal to a properly and efficiently built structure. As a property owner, the terms of the contract are often a primary concern when it comes to the timeframe and materials used.

When issues arise, creating possible breaches or defects, those impacted should understand their rights when it comes to addressing these matters and resolving them. A legal action not only helps hold them accountable for their negligence, but it also helps address monetary losses suffered.

Construction defects

At Weiss, handler & Cornwell, P.A., our law firm understands that a construction defect that significantly impacts the structure and function of a building is a complex matter. Thus, our attorneys use their skills, experience and knowledge to fully explore the defects in question, helping our clients understand their options when it comes to rectifying the matter.

For a property owner, this can mean significant losses, especially if the defects are significant. For a construction company, contractor or subcontractor, a defect could cause setbacks, losses, interruptions and even strain business relationships.


Whether you are the party seeking the built structure or the party involved in the construction of the structure, defects could cause significant legal issues. Whether it is a contractual issue or one that impacts the structural integrity of the structure, it is important to understand your rights when it comes to seeking a legal solution.

Assessing the losses can help you understand the resolution that is best suited for your situation. If the construction project is completely compromised, this could result in extensive damages. However, if repairs or alterations are needed, this might only cause damages due to delay and costs associated with the extra work and material.

When negligence occurs at any phase of a construction project, those impacted are likely to suffer losses and damages. A legal professional can help you understand how to get compensated for these losses while also holding the negligent party or parties accountable for their negligence.